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Frequently Asked Questions

What is microblading?

          -Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that implants hair strokes into your skin to enhance your brows.


How long does microblading last?

          -After the initial touch-up, up to two years. And, touch-ups are mandatory.


Does microblading hurt?

          -Everyone's tolerance is different. Typically, a topical numbing cream is applied prior.


How long are the sessions?

          -Usually, sessions are about 2-3 hours. 


How do I prepare my skin for microblading?

          -The five no's: No alcohol, no caffeine (the day before, the day of, and the day after the procedure) no aspirin, no waxing and, no AHA's.


How do I book a microblading session?

           - Book your complimentary consultation on our services page today!

Will I experience breakouts after a facial service?

           - We use skincare products specifically designed not to irritate the skin or cause breakouts to surface. In fact, Beyond the Brow highly recommends getting regular facials to aid in the healing process and relieve the discomfort of current acne breakouts. 


How should I expect to feel after my facial treatment?

           - You can expect to feel relaxed, hydrated with that healthy glow from within. Depending on what time of day your appointment is scheduled for, we will either prepare you for the rest of your day with sun protection or your evening nighttime skincare routine.

Do men get facials? 

           - Yes. In fact, we have a very popular must-have beard facial for men. Book yours today!


May I have other services during my facial appointment?

           - Yes, we can easily accommodate your spa treatment requests, just call us directly at 707-72BROWS as we may need to customize your appointment schedule.


Makeup Do's & Don'ts:

            - You can wear makeup before and after our facial treatments because all our facials include deep cleansing and hydration. Just be sure to wash all makeup products off at the end of your day.


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